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Dissertation Writing Services

All papers are tailored to your instructions and are totally unique.

Dissertation Writing Services

All papers are tailored to your instructions and are totally unique.

Dissertation Writing Services

All papers are tailored to your instructions and are totally unique.


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Are you looking for dissertation in Harvard citation format in UK? Pro Dissertation Writing has a team of writers proficient in Harvard Citation Style. We believe in providing the best quality content with proper Harvard referencing style.

Get complete Harvard referencing guide

Pro dissertation provides comprehensive Harvard referencing guide to understand the Harvard referencing. A Harvard referencing list includes the basics. A reference list is detailed list of the sources used in creating the research, the information includes, author names, publication date, and source title.

  • A referencing should be done in the separate or at the end of the document
  • Reference list should be organized alphabetically
  • Add spacing between lines.

In-Text Harvard refencing guide

In-text referencing should appear wherever you paraphrase or quote a source in your paper, this is the direct pointing to the reader for full references. Harvard citation appear in brackets in the text of the manuscript and consists of the last name of writer, the publication year and relevant page number. If there are multiple names than the citation is shortened with et al.

Where to place in-text-referencing

When you are including citation in to your content you can either add name of the author directly or only the author’s name in the brackets. When you add the name of the author in the sentence the page number are typically given, author naming in your paper is the good approach when you are required to comment on the source you have included in your manuscript.

Harvard Citation format multiple source

List the in-text citations in the normal way but with semicolons between different references:

(Kevin, 2018, p. 189; Smith, 200; Mathew, 1988, pp. 164-175)

Citing multiple editions of same source

Include the author(s)’s name only once followed by all the appropriate dates separated by semicolons:

Mathew (2011; 2016) states… Or (Mathew, 2008; 2014)

Citing a reference without date

In this case simply state ‘no date’ in place of the year: (Mathew, no date, p. 187).

How to cite secondary source

In this case, state the reference you used first followed by ‘cited in’ and the original author:

Lara 2001 (cited in Mathew, 2017, p. 187) or (Lara, 2001, cited in Mathew, 2016, p. 186)

Different sources citation

In-text citations remain quite constant across source types, unless mentioned explicitly, assume the in-text citation uses the rules stated above Reference list references vary quite a lot between sources.

Book Harvard Citation Format

Mathew, G.A. and Stewart, M. (2015) A guide to citation.3rd edn. New York: NYC Publishing.

Citation of Edited Book in Harvard referencing guide

The edited books are collections of each chapters written by multiple authors. Their citation format is very similar to the book reference excluding instead of the author name, the editor name is used followed by (eds.) to differentiate them as an editor. The basic format is:

“Editor surname(s), initial(s). (eds.) (Year Published). Title. Edition. Place of publication: publishers”

Online Journal Harvard citation Format

To refer the online journal, the numbers of page section from the copy journal is exchanged with the DOI or URL the research can be retrieved from and when it was retrieved. So, the citation for an online journal research is:

Surname of Author (s), initial(s). (Year of research) ‘Title of paper’, title of paper volume (issue) [online]. Available at: DOI or URL (Retrieved: day month year)

Get help in Harvard citation format with Pro Dissertation

Pro dissertation Harvard referencing guide is helpful for all the students, Harvard referencing used in universities to cite the information and we have expert team of writer who are proficient in Harvard referencing style. We believe in offering the quality and authentic services with proper citation for all the manuscripts. Our guide details are based on the authenticity, the referencing in the Harvard style is two-part process, intext citation and reference list.

The list of referencing is created to allow readers to find original sources themselves. Each reference in a reference list includes various pieces of information including the:

  • The author names
  • Published year
  • Title
  • Published place
  • Publisher
  • The used pages

Usually, Harvard Referencing guide follow this format:

“Last name, First Initial. (Published year). Title. place: Publisher, Page(s)”

References are listed in alphabetic order by the author’s last name.

If there are different sources by the same author, then citations are listed in order by the date of publication. Get the best Harvard referencing guide and learn reliable technique to cite your manuscript.